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Leather Cleaning

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Like upholstery, children, pets, and every day wear and tear do a number on your leather furniture. Unlike upholstery, over time leather loses moisture causing it to feel less comfortable. When left unaddressed, this loss of moisture can cause irreversible damage such as cracks and tears. Regular professional cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your favorite piece of furniture. With our professional leather cleaning service we can make your leather look great and feel soft again.

Our Process

There are several different types of leather. Determining the type of leather on your furniture is the first step. Our analysis will reveal what cleaning process and solutions that should be used. All of our professional leather cleaning solutions are applied by hand with care. Clean towels are used to apply the cleaner as well as lift off any soil that may have become trapped in the leather.

Revitalize It

After your leather is thoroughly cleaned, we apply a professional leather conditioner to make your couch or favorite chair just as soft as the day you bought it. This treatment restores the lost moisture vital to retaining the original look and feel of your furniture.

You should know...

Your leather furniture may have come with a cleaner or perhaps you picked one up at the store but keep in mind that some of these cleaners may cause permanent damage in the long term. To get the most out of your leather, have it professionally cleaned regularly.

Remember: Just as with floors, your furniture is home to countless germs and dust mites. So it is very crucial to have your leather cleaned regularly.

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