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cleaning services for your business melbourne, fl

Clean carpet and floors show your clients you respect them. They want to do business in a clean, healthy establishment. You'll show your clients that you take the cleanliness of your building seriously. You'll also show your employees you care enough about them to give them a clean environment to work in.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person spends 90 percent or more of their time indoors, where levels of pollutants may be two to five times (and occasionally more than 100 times) higher than outdoor levels. This makes it extremely important to perform regular maintenance inside your business. In addition to vacuuming, cleaning, and checking for water damage on a regular basis, using an IICRC Certified Firm for cleaning will help extend the life of your flooring and upholstery and ensure that your business is healthful for those who work there.

Always reliable and always on time Sunshine Carpet Cleaning offers service packages specifically catered to your building's cleaning needs. No more worrying about the last time you had a cleaning, let us set up a schedule for you. After determining an appropriate cleaning frequency a phone call will remind you of the approaching date and everything else takes care of itself!

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